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HomeCo is proud to partner with the National Forest Foundation in a shared commitment to environmental conservation. Through this collaboration, we pledge to plant a tree for every order sold, directly contributing to reforestation efforts and the health of our planet. This initiative reflects HomeCo's dedication to sustainability and our responsibility towards a greener future. By choosing our cabinets, customers not only invest in quality and style but also play a vital role in supporting reforestation projects, making a positive impact on the environment.

Tree Planting Program

The NFF works to inspire personal and meaningful connections to National Forests, the centerpiece of America’s public lands.

Working closely with the U.S. Forest Service, the NFF forges partnerships and kindles donor support to address the most pressing needs on National Forests.

Reaching 50 Million Trees Planted On National Forests

  • On Earth Day 2018, the NFF launched a campaign to plant 50 million trees on National Forests across the U.S. We are the only organization partnering with the U.S.

  • ​ Forest Service to publicly commit to a reforestation effort of this scale on National Forests. ​

  • We have reached the fundraising target for this campaign and will plant our 50 millionth tree by 2025! ​

  • We are just getting starting and will continue reforestation efforts for this ever-growing need.

National Forests System

National Forests and Grasslands provide 193 million acres of accessible public lands throughout the United States.

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